SEO for SaaS: The Ultimate Guide

2020-04-09 13:20:00

How important is SEO for SaaS businesses?

SEO has changed a lot in the past decade, but one thing remains the same: the majority of web traffic still belongs to organic traffic, i.e., visitors from search engines.

That’s why SEO is a very important marketing channel for almost every business. If you are not easily found on search engines, you are missing a lot and leaving a big piece of the pie to your competitors. 

But for SaaS companies, SEO combined with content is even more important because SaaS is a specific business model. 

SaaS startups are often disruptive, bringing innovation to the market or even creating new markets.

However, innovative solutions often require time for raising awareness.

How is a person supposed to find the solution to a problem without knowing that the solution for their problem actually exists?

This is why SEO and content marketing are a killer combo for SaaS. 

With these channels, SaaS companies can raise awareness about their product by ranking high on search engines for informative and educational keywords. 

Content is the best way to achieve that.

Besides, SEO works because it leads buyers to your website. Those buyers are looking for solutions exactly when they need them. If your software is a solution they need, you’ve got yourself warm leads.

seo for saas benefits

In contrast, with cold outreach, the seller contacts a prospect when she organizes the sales campaign, not knowing whether the prospect even needs such a solution.

What’s the Difference Between SEO and SEO Designed for SaaS? 

SEO is SEO, one might think, why would SaaS SEO be any different?

Because every business model has unique needs. 

SaaS company wanting more signups is not the same as when a company is going after a big government contract where negotiating the deal can take a whole year. 

Simply put, the psychology of closing deals differs, and consequently, the promotion of your business must too.

SEO also must adapt to individual business needs.

Maybe the best way to show you the specifics of SEO tailored for SaaS is to compare it to other business models and point out the contrast.

Before we pivoted to focus only on working with SaaS companies, we worked with a lot of eCommerce clients. 

The mindsets of eCommerce and SaaS businesses are different.

The eCommerce business model is sales-oriented, so it naturally drives eCommerce business owners to value direct sales the most. They often give less importance to content marketing, brand awareness or brand building.

Our experience is that eCommerce companies understand they need SEO, but when it comes to supporting SEO efforts, we notice that they don’t value content and content marketing as much as SaaS companies. 

For eCommerce businesses, investing in content often means just creating semi-unique product descriptions. This is not ideal because Google prefers unique, high-quality content.

On the other hand, content often comes as something natural to SaaS companies.

Most SaaS websites have resource sections with blogs, while eCommerce websites often don’t even have a blog. And even when they do, they only publish commercial content and buyer’s guides.

eCommerce and SaaS websites are usually structured like this:

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