Present product features as benefits

2020-04-08 17:22:00

1. Present product features as benefits

You’re proud of your product features — and for good reason.

But listing off impressive features isn’t enough to make people buy. Instead, turn your product features into benefits, and show shoppers how your items make their lives easier.

Product description writing example: Backcountry

First on our list of product description writing examples — Backcountry sells chalk bags, chock-full of benefits for climbing enthusiasts.

Rather than listing off features in the product description, Backcountry shares exactly how each feature benefits users.


  • Fleece-lined interior
  • Shockcord closure
  • Removable waist belt


  • Feels soft against battered hands
  • Prevents chalk from spilling
  • Saves space on your harness

Backcountry does a great job of enticing shoppers to buy with product features presented as benefits.

How you can do it: Think about how your product features add value for customers and add the benefits as bulleted lists in your product descriptions.

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