Exactly How Our Services Work

2020-04-10 15:16:00
Link audit & anchor text analysis

Again using powerful tools, we look at your existing links & anchor text to make sure there’s nothing ‘unnatural’ or dangerous about your link profile. This is very important, because we’ve worked with companies in the past who have used low-quality SEO services, and have either been penalised by Google or come dangerously close to being penalised by Google.

We ask a number of important questions;

1)  Is your link profile safe? We’ll look at things like your anchor text ratio and any dangerous / toxic links.
2) What are your metrics like? We’ll evaluate how strong your website already is, and if you have any powerful links.
3)  What trends can we spot? Often, we can spot trends that may help us for our link building campaign.

Below – the anchor text profile for Moz.com, a popular marketing website.

moz anchor text



Competitor Analysis

This is an invaluable part of the process that has to come during the analysis phase – We check the link profiles & rankings of your direct competitors and keyword competitors. We do this for the following reasons;

1) To see whether we can emulate some of their successful link building strategies to greater effect.
2) To see how difficult it is to rank for our keyword ambitions – by analysing their link profile and other metrics, we can judge how much time is required into ‘beating’ your competitors.
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